Monday April 24
1- We continued on with stoichiometry. Please do 2,4,5 stoich ques from the blue page tonight.
2- Recheck how you did sheet 8.

Tuesday April 25
1- Today we worked on drawing structures and Lewis electron dot diagrams
2. From the blue page plz do 7,8
3. Do 3 from the stoichiometry page

Wednesday April 26.................................................................................................................................
1- We went over nitrogen and the term drew the structure for C5H12O
2-We checked two questions from the hwk...7b and 8d,e
3-You worked with a partner on finishing the observations from the sheet with Lab exercise 4B
4-When you and your partner complete the assignment, you the stsrtwed the Solvay process assignment using the orange book.
Reminder Quiz tmro

Thursday April 27
2-solvay process assignment.............................................................
3-started vsepr shapes tetrahedral and pyramidal and v shaped
4- hwk work on prelab for next week
Solvay Process p 237.PDF Solvay Process p 238.PDF Solvay Pamphlet Reactions for #11 and #12.docx Here is the document on the Solvay Process that I passed out on thursday.
The Solvay Process.doc

Details about the Solvay Process Assignment: Answer the questions from the handout on the Solvay Process. You are required to write the answers from the fill in the blank page on the blue handout on looseleaf. Use this information to make a colourful and creative pamphlet theat informs someone about what the solvay process is all about. Things you might include might be a history or background, what it is , what it makes ie: products and byproducts, what the reaction is, and so on. Please include references. See the links for the information you might need above.. Make your pamphlet colourful, interesting and creative.
You may decide to create your pamphlet on the computer
This is due on Monday May 8

Monday May 1
1-Today we went over the rest of 7 and 8 on drawing structures and lewis electron dot diagrams. The terms polar and non polar were reviewed and tied into ques 7 and 8.
2- You and a partner gathered more info for the solvay process assignment.

Tuesday May 2
1-I did a demo of titration.
2-You worked on your prelab.
3-We went over some VSEPR shapes.

Wednesday May 3-hwk p 216 1,4,5,6p 220 7,8p223 define coordinate covalent bond, draw a lewis dot diagram of ammonium
Lab Day 1

Thursday May 4-hwkp 225 9,11 p 229 16 to 21p 230-231 draw a sktch of a sigma bond and a pi bond
Lab Day 2

Monday May 8-Solvay Process assignment due
Lab Day 3

Tuesday May 9 hwk p 239 30,31 p 244 all p 380 52
Lab Day 4

Wednesday May 10
1-hwk check on hwk over lab week
Finish VSEPR
3-Please do all of the practice questions from the back of the pink page by Friday.

Highlight terms like coordinate covalent bond, resonance stuructures(this will be done over the next two days)

Thursday May 11
We went over percent yield(will do this tmro)
1-mol/mol stoichiometry intro and pair assignment.
2-highlight terms like coordinate covalent bond etc
absent today?

Friday May 12-new test date is next tuesday
1-start on unit four pair work with orange sheet on ionic net equations(on Wednesday of next week)
2-check over some vsepr answers and finished some theory on intermolecular forces
3-Today we tied up some loose ends on unit 5. we overviewed percent yield vsepr shapes more answers below
Reminder: You have a test on Unit 5 on Tuesday May 16 please make sure you make up a study sheet for this chapter using the guide(fill in review stoichiometry table on sheet, make up study notes and do some end of the chapter questions) that I have given you. Here are some solutions to the VSEPR worksheet
Answers to VSEPR Worksheet bottom right.doc
VSEPR Worksheet More answers.doc
Solvay Process Review.doc

Here is the link to the utubes that review most topics in this unit Ch 8 Topics

Tuesday May 16
Test on VSEPR and Stoichiometry Ch 8 and 12 (omit p 234-236)
Pink sheet make notes on 7.1 Do p 193 1 to 11