Reactions Good Review

Here is a link to several utubes that have songs or raps to help you study


This is a good overall site for reviewing most topics in chem 11

Here are some great sitse for naming and writing the formula



What does ternary mean with naming?

UNIT 2 Review Need help??

Check out these videos on YouTube: Naming practise

Need some practise with multiple Choice Questions?

Great Videos to review most topics in chemistry

Metric conversion

Criss-cross Method

Properties of Ionic/Molecular/Acid/Bases

Review Of Naming Ionic and Covalent Substances

Mole Calculations

Do you remember the Scientists?

PROPERTIES Of Ionic/Molecular/Acid/Bases-


Combustion Reactions

Some Great Videos From Britain

Below-the links are no longer working-I am gradually finding replacements. I am thinking wikispaces has a time limit on how long use can use an internet link.

Another Podcast that reviews naming(includes acids)

For a break Watch this Neat Reaction
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The Combined Gas Law

For An Interesting Gas Demo Watch

Demos With Liquid Nitrogen

Imploding Can

Moles and Molar Mass Some Stoichiometry

Review Of Gases
(We do not work with K=1/2 mv 2 or 3/2 R
Song about halogens