The site below is a good source for notes if you are away or need another way to review(with thanks from Ashley S for finding this :)


Chemistry 112 or 122(review)


Please be patient as they take some time to load because of graphics :)

see bottom of this site


Here is a great site for

3.naming and writing the formula

Here is a game that I created on quia for you to practise molecular naming

Here is another game to see if you know the difference between the properties of the four types of substances

4.Do you remember Combustions Reactions?

This is a great spot for review

5.Need practise balancing equations? with thanks from JM

(Please make sure you type in the coefficient of 1)Need practise balancing equations?(Please make sure you type in the coefficient of 1)

6.Here is a site that helps you study by using games

7. A Chart that helps with naming Chemicals

8.Practise With Protons, Neutrons and Electrons

9.Metric Practise

Watch out there are prefixes that we do not need to know, but the method for doing the questions is shown.

Do you remember these scientists? A super YouTube song
Still working on this....I would only like to put one song here rather than several

10.The Element Song :)

11.Some of my favorite sites

12. Table of Observations

12.Chemistry 122

Finding Functional Groups

Oganic site- Good practise

Hess' Law-Still do not understand?

Enthalpy Animation

Acids and Bases and pH

General Interest

Chocolate Anyone?

Leo Hayes